Disclosure: I own many of the companies mentioned on this web page. The writing is my own, and it expresses my own opinions at the time of writing. Additional disclosure: Not investment advice. You must take full responsibility yourself if you make any decisions based on what you read on this web page.


After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to write about investing topics that interest me here at www.dr-eriksen.no/investing. Even though I am a professor of mathematics at BI Norwegian Business School, I am not writing here in that capacity. If you are looking for mathematics, you should go to www.dr-eriksen.no. You will not find much about academic finance here either. Instead, I plan to write about my investing style and some of the companies I own or that I am interested in.

Investing style

I prefer to invest in common stocks of excellent companies, and I use two different investment styles:

Investments returns

The following table shows my investment returns for the last couple of years. It is updated on 16/01/2023:

  Concentrated Portfolio Diversified Portfolio Total Portfolio
  Return Weight Return Weight Return Weight
2023 1.6% 67.3% 9.1% 32.7% 4.3% 100.0%
2022 -4.5% 69.2% -56.1% 30.8% -24.4% 100.0%
2021 20.5% 58.6% -6.0% 41.4% 10.0% 100.0%
2020 11.6% 63.0% 69.0% 37.0% 27.5% 100.0%
2019 31.1% 84.6% 10.3% 15.4% 30.0% 100.0%
2018 0.3% 92.6% -19.5% 7.4% -1.4% 100.0%
2017 11.7% 95.6% 10.0% 4.4% 11.4% 100.0%

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